Saturday, October 9, 2010

Library, Marketplace, Social catalyst. The internet as a miracle tool.

I have recently started exploring the world of making money online in more depth, and let me tell you, it is vast!  The number of different things that you can do to make a buck online - big and small - are enormous. There is much to discover in this huge new world, and, contrary to the belief of many, I think that there is a lot of opportunity still to be found online.  Indeed, in many ways, the internet is still in its infancy.

When you consider the net as the newest global medium that it is, the natural successor to television, say, it is easy to see that with a mere 20 years behind it, there is still much to be discovered about the way the net is being used and integrated into our day to day lives.

Television advertising, more than 50 years into its life, is still coming up with new and interesting ways to convince humans that we absolutely must have whatever shiny, brand new widget the corporations have come up with this week.  The same indespensable widget whose very existence, just 20 seconds before, we were happily oblivious of. As an interactive version of television, the internet's ability to reach, and more directly touch, its (much more tightly) targeted audience has created an entirely new ballgame when it comes to small business opportunities.

As a market place, the 'net is unprecedented.  Traders now have the whole world as close as their kitchen table, with a minimum of cost and fuss to reach a virtually unimited number of prospects. Money is flying in cyberspace like it has never moved anywhere before, and all that is required to get into the flow of cash and grab your share is a little imagination and persistance.

Right now, I am feeling like I have enough of both of those things to crack this particular challenge by next week, without breaking a sweat.  I will document my travels through cyberspace commerce over the coming months, and let you  in on any useful nuggets that I might come across.

Stay tuned for tales of extraordinary wealth building like you've never seen!  ;-)

And maybe you can follow me towards your own version of success.

Lets take a few steps and see where it takes us...